Jhybo shares ictures of him and his cute grandama...with fans asking questions see why

Jibola Toriola popularly known as Jhybo the indigenous Rap Artist from Ogun State, finally breaks his silence on his life during his four year contract with Bay Productions. His journey since the contract ended in June 2014 and the resurrection of his career since the creation of Lima Music.
Jhybo rose to fame when he came out with the very popular track , ‘They just dey run their mouth ‘ a collaboration with the now sought after dance hall artist Cynthia Morgan. A track penned in four hours after the sale of his PSG which landed him a deal with Bay Productions.

Due to the eagerness to sign a contract and grab a deal it was soon found out that the contract was poorly written & unprofessionally constructed. Unfortunately due to Jhybo’s naivety a lawyer was not consulted. The contract was instigated through a close friend which was to be Jhybos downfall.

His only album release with Bay Productions failed due to unprofessionalism throughout the process and a catalogue of errors, one resulting in the un-mastered copy of the album being released on the streets.
During a major fall out and near fight with the management, Jhybo left Bay Productions a year before the contract ended but due to Management controls, illegal use of his name to fraudulently obtain money from sponsors, bad mouthing to radio/tv stations other artistes and friends in the business he could not work, therefore he had no choice but to go back and finish out the contract .
After a few single releases, two videos in four years and a long stagnant period , the contract finally came to an end in June 2014.
The constant questions of … where is jhybo ? what happened to Jhybo , he had so much talent we thought he would be the next Dagrin ‘ .. are a painful reminder and a living hell of the time he suffered whilst awaiting the contract's end with Bay Productions in the latter years. Work output was poor and virtually non existent hence the hiatus and lull in Jhybo’s career.
The struggle and pain has been immense over the years to say the least and whilst it seemed to be fruitful in the beginning the business failure was imminent, greed and control being the main factors.
Once the contract ended in June 2014 a statement was put out to the media by Jhybo advising that he was now a free agent and looking for a new label, this resulted in a back lash from his former management who in turn spoke to a journalist and put out a fake story online advising that the contract had not finished and Jhybo still had a few more months to run amongst other untruths.
Jhybo shares ictures of him and his cute grandama...with fans asking questions see why Jhybo shares ictures of him and his cute grandama...with fans asking questions see why Reviewed by Olamide Abimbola on 1/07/2016 06:49:00 am Rating: 5

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