Jamb cbt 2016 day 7 friday answers here

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PHYSICS 1) 4/9 2)NS 3)0.04H 4)1200N 5)centripetal forces only 6)5.0(UC) 7)at the point which is twice the focal lenght of the lens of the camera 8)1500J 9)atoms of all elements are identical 10)2*10^(3) 11)1(UF) 12)153 degree C 13)the upthrust on it when it is completely immersed in water 14)750JK^-1 15)X and Y attract each other 16)1.33 17)II and III only (18)lead acid accumulator 19)electrons and holes 20)10.0c 21)graph 22)1.99*(10^-34) 23)15s 24)80g 25)fusion 26)20cm 27)0.31A 28)F=mv-mu 29)C 30)4.16mm 31)water waves 32)be a straight line 33)velocity ration 34)complementary colours mixture 35)leclanche cell 36)silicion 37)29.9v 38)viscous force 39)v+u=mg 40)the rate of condensation is equal to that of vaporization 41)temperature control in an electric iron 42)the colour of the surfaces 43)X 44)10s 45)is doubled 46)13.0N 47) 40s 48) 30.0N 49) curve outward 50) 0.31 CHEMISTRY 6.30am 1-ethanoic acid 2.-Ag(No3) 3-CaCO3 4-wood 5-Cus 6-1.60 7-fuel 8-neutral 9-remain unchanged 10-graphite 11-barium 12-heptane to propene and butane 13-ethanol 14-methane 15-h20(i) 16–42kj mol-1 17-hydrogen sulphide 18-wrought iron 19-fehling’s solution 20-hydrolysis 21-467.11mmhg 22-are position diagonally to each other 23-mg(HCO3) 23-efflorescence 24-1 25-0 to +2 26-equillibrium 27-chlorine does not react with platium 28-benzene 29-reforming 30-kerosine 31-a decrease in oxygen content 32-high refractive index 33-not occour 34-increasing the temperature 35-fructose and galactose 36-chloroethene 37-2.39g 38-copper 39-ethanol . 40-increase the desity of the gas 41-2.5moles dm-3 42-2 43-gives purer products 44-So2 45-Cuso4 46-addition of trioxonitrate 47-evaporation 48-2.24cm3 49-40gNaOH in 100g of water 50-1,2 and 3 MATHS – the number of men in d hall(Ans 24) -6.3 -30 -max value of y=3×2-x3(Ans 4) -12231base4 -mean of d distribution(Ans 3) -x+1>0,y+x<0, y-x>0 – (1 3) (0 1) – -4,1 -find d value of x(Ans 20) -1.43 -2.5m -4x+2y=5 -find d slope of d curve(Ans 9) -2x+1/2 x^-1/2 -3/2 -4/3 -43cm – -1whole no 19/60 -53degree -N84.00 -find d value of k if y..(Ans 1) -4y+3x-18=0 -48degree -{2,10,22,26} – probability dat d sum of..(Ans 1/3) -what is cos0-sin0?(Ans 1/5) -find d value of n(Ans 7) -360degree -4x+2y=5 -find d number of comittees(Ans 24) -find d numbr of terms..(Ans 9) -15/28 -141 -2x(a-3b)(2b-y) -a semicircle -5,4 -0.33 – -6-if 9power 2x-1/27powrx+1,find d value of x(Ans 5) – -12cos(-4x) – solve for x(Ans 10) -x varies directly prop…(Ans 6) -The range of 4,3,11…(Ans 24) -10_/3cm – find d value of x (Ans -5) BIOLOGY(6.30am) 1 insect 2 tagmosis 3 dna analysis 4 eyes 5 wallace 6 antibiotic 7 seed 8 osmosis 9 cellular repiration 10 spiracle of insects 11 pharynx of humans 12 lamarek’s theory 13 comparative physiology 14 covert 15 virus 16 translocation 17 lipase 18 joint 19 lack roots 20 parasitic 21 spiny leaves 22 monoctyes 23 epiphytes 24 clitellum 25 clay 26 dog 27 nucleus and centrioles 28 cocoon 29 convergent evolution 30 crypsis 31 traits are acquired through the use of body parts 32 sahel savanna 33 fission 34 erepsin 35 pinna 36 liver 37 hypertonic solution 38 plasmolysis 39 mammalia 40 poliomyelitis 41 hormonal and temperature 42 both will decrease in size 43 pelvis 44 salninity 45 is pigmented 46 is usually lower in temperature 47 insect 48 mouse 49 aorta 50 diffusion ENGLISH – picture and sound -specialists -wide and specialized audiences -the art of film making -its content -seventies -security purposes -formidable sentinel -an exploration into science and technology -signals from atleast four satelite -retrogressive -security -symbol -sanction -took -atmosphere -accomodate -orientation -solution -he thought jimi was a lucky boy -he listened to the distance sound of the buses -punish jimi for u -she was surprised -during the mid night dinn – childish -definately change jimmys life -mr solade -his mother -condermnation -the principal open commendation of result -had become rude and unruly -miss novi act of kindness to the boy win fainted -if completely lost his property -the condition are now favourable -the team came late -he expresses the opinions of the association -audu said he was not given enough gift -the creature has a bad attribute -he took no notice of what was happening -she did not believe that her appointment had been terminated -they dont have a sense of belonging -toriola chose a strategg that was not extreme in the office -dull -a believable -an unfaithful -transitional -present -shouted -delighted -an honourable -alliance -benevolent -an excessive -a firm -insolent -forever -obliterated -stern -future -an anxious -accompanied -admonished -however tired you are -a school with meagre resources -lots of things that -agreed -could be -two- day -a mighty -were they -with -used to.waking up.early -whatever -of -said/couldnt -a pleasant friendly disposition -him -the compliment with -among -did/would -to -anyone else -quay -stall -with -brochure -match -rich -two -but -stew -mutiLAtion -optiMIStic -REvisionism -where did kunle see the snake? -where did laraba run to? -when was sanada there? - See more at: http://www.bamsforum.com/jamb-cbt-2016-questions-and-answers-day-two-29022016.html#sthash.OcmVruqT.dpuf
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