5 must not do as a Fresher In the University

5  must not do as a Fresher In the University 

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Nowadays in this current Nigerian state of living to gain admission into any tertiary institution be it university, college of education,polytechnic or even monotechnic it is not a new thing that you must know the right person at the top of the chain of admission.
The article gives 5 solid tips on what not to do in the first year of admission into the University (as a fresher).
1. Get an house off campus
This is a strong format for them boys to catch those girls be it any level in the University.  Living off campus other students look at you as a matured person henceforth they won't even think you are a fresher except they accidentally meet you in the same class with them. 

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2. Don't relive secondary school days
When you secure admission into these tertiary institutions please and I repeat do not do the childish things you did in your final years in secondary school,because things seen as matured in secondary school might be pictured as childish in the University. 

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3. Try to blend In with the school system.
Students who haven't blended with the school system as late as the 2nd month of the first semester are branded as freshers such as waking up late, greetings other students with the tag *sir* *ma* waking up too early, reporting to a lecturer on little issue, rushing the queue and so on.

4. Don't ask the freshers question.
Ahhh this is the official freshers identifier. As a fresher don't just go around asking your mates " please where is this hall that hall" or where is our cafeteria.. Lol the person self go dey laff u for him Mind "sey c this Mumu fresher"

5. Your dressing.
Don't gain admission and be dressing like JJC  Johnny just come.
OBO omo baba olowo.
JB Jesus boy.
GOOS general overseer of school.

Article by: Bimbogramm
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