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Can't stop laughing 
Ano go lie again.
Today I was coming back from
church, in the bus
there sat a very pretty girl. All the
guys in the bus were
staring at her. Many of them passed
their destination
without knowing, as for me I was very
proud of
myself because I sat next to her. I did
all the signs I
could to make her feel my presence
but all in vain, An
idea came to my mind. I took my
phone and
dialed a fake number as guys always
do to attract
girls' attention.
Me: Hello Mum, pls I'm calling to
remember u that I can't
make it today because I just received
a call from
LAGOS state governor asking me to
replace him at
the meeting bcz he is not in Nigeria
nw. Pls tell my
brother to use my range over 2017 to
come and pick
u up from the market. I will be at home in
2days. thanks
Mum. I will Mum. Love u too. All this
while the girl
was looking at me, I said in my heart that
she will fall for
me if I talk to her ..
Me: Hi baby, y r u looking at me like
that? R u surprise?
Girl: Pls collect ur phone battery. it
fell down when u
were removing it from your pocket.....  I
couldn't raise my head till I got down
from the car.

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