You can save a life by sharing this!!!

You can save a life by sharing this!

A man by the name Eze recently told me his ordeal from the hands of underworld who move around in hunts of human kidney. His story goes....

"I entered a commercial bus popularly known as danfo from Alaba In'l market. I was tasty and needed to drink water. I saw a pure water vendor running after our bus, I could not buy because I prefer bottled water to pure water.

Hence, one of the 'passengers' bought pure water and gave the vendor N20, but the vendor protested that he had no change and the, 'good samaritan' passenger collected two sachets and handed one to me. I thanked him, opened the water and gulped it. I noticed that the water was colourful and tasted with some substance. I complained to my nearest neighbour about the water but he ignored me. I threw the remained water away.

In some few seconds, my head began to whack, I felt dizzy and helpless. I could not understand myself, I felt I was in control but I was far.

Suddenly, some group of men who seemed to have monitored us halted the bus and asked everybody to come down. One of them shouted, "did anyone drink pure water in this bus?" I said, "yes," in a weak tone, they said I should bring out my phone and call my family or anyone, I brought out my phone, on dialing my wife's number, I passed out. I was able to regain consciousness after four days in the hospital.

It was at the hospital, I was told that the people who rescued me have been on the trail of these criminals. These people specialised on drugging people, take them to secluded area, cut off their kidneys, dispose their bodies and sell the said kidneys thousands of dollars in Malaysia.

Nine of these men, including the pure water seller who also their members are now in Kirikiri and have been charged to court."

If you read this, please try to share to save lives.
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