Here is How to Behave after sex

1....Let the intimacy of the moment fade gradually. Just because you’ve enjoyed yourselves doesn’t mean that the feeling of intimacy should end when the sex does. Put another way – you use pre-intimacy to gradually ramp up the sexual attraction, and you should use the time afterward to gently return to the “real world.” The biggest mistake people make after sex is getting up and leaving as soon as it is over, destroying all of the intimacy you’ve built together.

There is no rule saying you have to talk right after sex. Spooning, cuddling, or even holding hands is a good way to slowly relax back into everyday life.If you want to put some clothes back on, keep it casual (underwear, sweats, pajamas, etc.) and hop back into bed. You don’t need to stay Unclad if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Turn off the phone—no one wants to feel like their partner would rather talk to someone else.

Stay out of the kitchen – it is natural to feel hungry after sex, but that doesn’t mean your first comment should be “I could use some food.”Stay awake—falling asleep right after sex will make your partner feel disrespected, used, and unloved.

2.....Enjoy some time in silence if the conversation feels awkward.Enjoy the quiet and only speak when you have something to say. There is something incredibly loving about being with someone, enjoying each other’s presence, and not saying a single word. Sex is an intimate act, and a lot of intimacy is unspoken.

Try just making eye contact, smiling or laughing, holding hands, or cuddling. When the two of you are ready to talk, you’ll feel conversation bubbling up organically.

3....Keep any conversation candid and casual. After a moment as intimate as sex, conversation can seem incredibly mundane and difficult.

Don’t feel like you need to drop a movie-worthy line – you won’t come up with a good one and it won’t sound nearly as romantic as you think. The most important advice for pillow-talk is to be yourself. Be relaxed, honest, and open and the conversation will feel natural.

Opening up about your day – share a funny story, talk about work, or explain a new project, hobby, or event that you’re excited for

.Asking questions— you don’t need to start an inquisition; simply ask your partner how their day went, if they have any weekend plans, and let the conversation unfold.

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