Music: Ceno - Freedom of Speech (Ep)

Freedom of speech is captivating mind blowing E.P From the Nigerian-born rapper CENO. The young artise uses his versatility and lyrical strength to emphasize on the right of every individual to express his or her objective thoughts and viewss without any fear of being arrested, bullied, or threatened.
Recently referred to as the “New School Abdulkareem”, Ceno proves his ability to be at the fore-front of human right activities in Nigeria and Africa as a whole in this 7-track E.P. He start off with a ‘Letter to the President‘ which was recorded during the 51 days absence of Mr. President (Jan 19, 2015 – March 10, 2017) and had Jaydee, a promising artiste, featured on it. On the melodic ‘Freedom‘ with singer Carlos, he touches some aspects of the problems facing Nigeria, relating them to the loopholes in Nigerian Politics. He is, however, Pragmatic on ‘Talk About Me‘ which features BJive and ‘Make It Rain‘ both tracks which trends to look at every action from two sides. ‘Talk About Me‘ foresees greatness while ‘Make It Rain‘ and ‘Take Me Away‘ shuns criticism and subject judgement.

F.O.S the E.P, Testify to the greatness yourself.
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Freedom of Speech
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Freedom of Speech
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