See how much Tonto dikes husband paid for an interview

Tonto Dikeh reveals husband paid N3m to be interviewed

Tonto Dikeh says her estranged husband Oladunni Churchill paid N3 million to get interview implicating her in their troubled marriage - The same media house that interviewed the actress also interviewed her husband and she is crying foul - The actress also reels out motivational write up to her fans as usual Tonto Dikeh reveals husband paid N3m to be interviewed When many thought Tonto Dikeh’s marital drama has ended, the actress dropped another bombshell. 

The actress has made more scandalous claims against her estranged husband Olakunle Churchill. This time she alleged her husband paid Mediahub, the same media house that interviewed her on her marriage break-up, N3m to grant him his own interview. She said this in response to a fan’s comment on one of her Instagram posts. The fan had posted:

 “So all the domestic violence you said on TV were all lies madam… too bad” Tonto Dikeh's estranged husband churchill Honey everything said or written has always come out of my page. If it doesn’t it’s a fake or a prank” An innocent man wld not offer @zukilicous of Mediahub 3million just to grant interviews or bring your family to defend your lies, ever wondered why my family ain’t out talking? We understand the value of family.. They can say what they wish to say I am a domestic violence survival” 

Tonto posted a motivational message on Instagram. She wrote “You are a blessing unto this world, your potential for creation is greater than your potential for destruction. So what is your function? Well this is a question for yourself... Take time to explore your inner space, before you concentrate on outer space. Nourish your body with heal-thy-self foods, seek knowledge always and Guidance from the elders. Nobody was born big and you don't need to be big, to make a difference. Build with your sisters and brothers, co creation is the most powerful manifestation of what we can do together. You are not alone, even when you think you are, a like on Instagram, a retweet on twitter, a phone call, a text, a smile in the street, a hug from your friend... is just another way of saying we are in this together. No human is an island, but you are a world within yourself. So bless your existence and grace the earth with your vessel, radiate light through your spirit and give your heart to the hearts of others ❤...This way you will never destroy, you will only continue to create with all of us for the rest of whatever this life is. #chkbr POKOBARS #MAMAKING”
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