So Emotional see how bb naija housemates beg Nigerians to vote for them

 Biggie, who earlier banned any sort of campaigning for the rest of the week suddenly told everyone to put on their finest clothes and get ready to go to the Arena for their last presentation.
They had only 40 minutes to put on their make up, suits and evening gowns before heading out and they all looked visibly nervous as they racked their brains for the perfect speech. In the end, Biggie’s call was a good one because not having time to memorise anything forced them to speak from the heart.
First up was TBoss:
“I came into this House a princess and now I stand before you, a queen! I say this with humility. I am not a proud person.”
She expressed her gratitude for everyone who’d “invested in her” and asked them to keep being kind and voting. She revealed that she didn’t know why they’d saved her so many times but suggested that it was probably because they all saw every facet of her and realised that she was nothing like the first impression she often gets thanks to her “tattoos and piercings.”
Who is Efe?” before launching into an impassioned speech where he suggested that everyone who’d overcome strife was no different from him. “Efe nah you! Efe nah that mother who deprives herself of every luxury” so her kids go to school. “Efe nah me coz I be Nigerian and against all odds I stand with my two feet!”
His eyes filled with tears for a moment as he recounted how he’d gotten farther than anyone else in his family, “The name Ejeba stands out now!” he exclaimed before pleading with people to vote.
“Bisola means ‘Born into wealth’ but that hasn’t been the case” Bisola said as she opened. She revealed that she often felt insecure and envious when people mentioned their college experiences because she never had the money to go to one. She also explained how she made the decision to rely on the talents that she knew “could feed her” to survive depression. She acknowledged that she’d fought with many people in the House but reminded everyone that she wasn’t perfect nor was she more intelligent, gifted or beautiful than anyone else. “Yet, you’ve kept me here! Please keep up the good will.” she exclaimed as she closed off.
Marvis kept things simple reminding everyone that she’d been a fighter from the get go and had accomplished things even she thought she would never do. She begged everyone to vote for her because she was a born winner.
I’m pleading because W-I-N dey for my body!” She thanked Big Brother for giving her this platform and reminded people that she’d kept it real all the way through. “I came here Marvis. I leave here Marvis” she said before concluding that if it weren’t for Big Brother people would have never known that name.
Debie-Rise closed things off by making the surprising revelation that she didn’t have her family’s blessing to come to the show. However, she said she stuck around because she wanted to be an example everyone that you should chase your dreams at any cost.
“Growing up I just wanted to be more. This passion that I have? I want to go home and say that it was worth it in the end!”
She also said she was disciplined, well mannered and empathetic which said were qualities a winner should possess
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