4 Baddest Sex Position that would help you reach Climax

Going belly to belly can give you just the right angle to reach the peaks of ecstasy with him inside you. Have your guy lie flat on his back, with you lying flat on top of him. Also known as CAT, Coital Alignment Technique is a great way for both partners to come by literally lining up their bodies for maximum stimulation.
“You angle yourself with a headboard or the back of the bed to stay stable, and rub your whole body on him,” says Kat Van Kirk, PhD, a certified s*x therapist and the resident relationship expert at Adam & Eve. “This allows for full body stimulation. For many couples this position will help line up your mons pubis (pubic mounds) so that the cli**ris is targeted.”
She’s on top

When you’re on top, you’re the one in control of the movement—and that means it’s a whole lot more likely that you’ll be able to climax when you’re sitting on top of your guy grinding your cli**ris into him (or touching yourself) while he’s inside you.
“There’s a reason why this is a tried and true position,” says Dr. Kat. “The woman controls depth and rhythm. She can make sure she gets full clitoral stimulation with her angle, bringing her legs in or out.” (Been skipping the self-pleasure?
Even though it might seem like he’s in control when he gets behind you, the truth is that this position is actually great for you to enjoy a very intense climax, either via clitoral stimulation or by stimulating your G-spot.
“All women have G-spots and are capable of a G-spot climax,” says Dr. Kat. “Doggy style actually allows for direct G-spot stimulation, and it can be done with short, quick thrusts, two hooked fingers, or a specially designed G-spot toy,” she says.
Him on his knees
With you lying on your back, have your man kneel in front of you and enter you. Not only will you experience deep penetration, but it’s easy for him—or you—to stimulate your cli**ris as you lift your hips toward him. “It also creates the opportunity for lots of chest play,” says Dr. Kat.

Missionary with help
Missionary may not be the first thing you think of when it comes achieving a woman’s climax, but with the help of the right toy, such as a couple’s enhancer ring, it can be deeply satisfying. “Missionary can actually be highly orgasmic, but you are going to need a little help from a couple’s toy like a vibrating man-hood ring,” says Dr. Kat. “You get clitoral stimulation despite being in a position where it would normally be missed, and he gets a whole new sensation with vibration and vascularity.”
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