Ah that feeling when you own so many houses you’re not sure if they’re still even yours.


The rapper responded in the most 50 Cent way to recent news he’d been the victim of a break in at his Conneticut mansion, by joking that he didn’t even realise he still owned the house involved.Can totally relate, Fiddy.
First World problems, 50 Cent gets burgled, says he didn't even know he owned the house

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On Tuesday, police descended on the property after they were tipped off to an intruder on the 17 acre land and news of the kerfuffle appeared on TMZ. The 47-year-old has since taken to Instagram to laugh off the whole situation.

He wrote: ‘What my house got robbed, I thought I sold that MF. LOL,’

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Oh, LOL.
Although it is understandable, the rapper really did think he’d sold the mansion in Connecticut, as it had been put up for sale in 2016 following him filing for bankruptcy in 2015 as the home was reportedly costing $72,000 a month in upkeep. But the sale fell through on the 52-bedroom property

 50 Cent gets burgled, says he didn't even know he owned the house

Fiddy really did think he’d sold the house  (Picture:  Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for FIJI Water)

That’s not the only drama Fiddy has experienced of late.
He recently accidentally ‘punched’ a fan who pulled him off stage during a gig in Baltimore,although the fan was fine as he then brought her on stage to twerk for the crowd.