Alibaba, one of the most sought after Nigerian stand-up comedian and the father of Stand-up comedy in Nigeria has thrown more light into what the BB Naija show was all about.
He took to Instagram to educate fans.
Here’s what he wrote:

Awesome minds… that’s what I call these guys. This is what life should be. The show has come and gone. Btw the BBN show was a πŸ“Ί TV audience psychology test. It was not about the housemate. The housemates were just pawns. The real test was with the viewers. It was to test what you can tolerate. What you approve of. Where you are coming from. Your shortcoming ma. Wounds that didn’t heal. Scars. Strong opinions. How much you can forgive. What you can not even watch. Your sexism vibes. Religious indicators and how they play up when you see others. Tribal filtration of issues…. in the end, the housemates came out and moved on. The people who are still torn in camps are the thorn in their own flesh. One sent me a message asking why did I not support @debie_rise @blackbassey @kemen_fitness and I am now hosting them. Ask them if our meeting was beneficial. Be there crying over spilled milk. The housemates have moved on and are maximizing the mileage BBN has given them. You are there maximizing your beef on who did not Support your choice. Even your choice has no choice but to move on. That’s how some people will take sides with one side when couples quarrel. Then the couple would have since settled their quarrel and moved on, but you the outsider is still going on and on about how badly she treated him, or how she should not have forgiven him for having a child out of wedlock. Wait o!!! Are you the 3rd person in the marriage? Are you a silent partner? You want the couple to marry you too? Or are you their life time adviser? I still don’t get it. Saw 2 friends in Dubai. One took pictures with me and the other said she won’t take because I did not support @officialtboss_ . Hiaaaaan!!! So if she was working in an office and her boss supported @efemoney she would have resigned? Why we like to dey swallow panadol for other people headaches?!!!