Possible Questions for Jamb In Dependence Text for English

175 JAMB Possible Questions And Answers From The Book "In Dependence":

The options or sentences in asterisk (*) are the answers in the questions.

1. Modupe and Tayo always visit where at dark hours:
A. Lebanese Cinema*
B. Hill’s Club
C. Auvergne’s Theatre
D. Las Palmas de Club

2. “Here is some money for the ladies”; The speaker here is ________
A. Uncle Kayode
B. Yusuf(Tayo’s friend)
C. Mr. Adeniyi Ajayi
D. Uncle B*

3. It was said in the letter written to Inspector Adeniyi Ajayi, that Tayo met King Olav’s son from ________
A. South Africa
B. London
C. Norway*
D. Brazil

4. Mr. Ike Nwandi, studies _______ abroad
A. Latin
B. History*
C. Law
D. Modern Languages

5. What was Uncle Kayode’s job rank before his return from Abroad?
A. FBI agent
B. Lieutenant
C. Senior Army Officer*
D. Superintendent
6. A simile embroidered to qualify Mr. Ajayi’s silver car was – Answer: ​It was glistened like a fresh river fish​

7. Before Tayo’s travel, He presumed that Uncle Bola held – Answer: ​the secret to a woman’s heart​

8. In the last sentence of Mr. Ajayi’s letter to his son was their family’s motto which states – Answer: ​In all things moderation, with exception of study​

9. How is Suleiman related to Vanessa
(a) Biological son*
(b) Adopted son
(c) Nephew
(d) Sibling

10. Vanessa’s Mother known as ______ died of cancer in what year.
(a) Mrs Baker, 1975
(b) Mrs Elizabeth, 1976
(c) Mrs Baker, 1977
(d) Mrs Elizabeth, 1978*

11. Vanessa was eventually married to who?
(a) Professor Peters
(b) Professor Tayo
(c) Professor Edwards*
(d) Professor Trevor

12. What is the nature of Christine’s death?
(a) Murder, overdose*
(b) Suicide, overdose
(c) Accident
(d) Cancer

13. Uncle Kayode later pursued a career in _______
(a) Teaching, London
(b) Businessman, France
(c) Engineering, France*
(d) Sailor, London

14. Professor Tayo was given an honorary award in
(a) Music
(b) Civil Law
(c) Science
(d) Literature*

15. How many honorees were awarded a doctorate alongside Professor Tayo
(a) 3
(b) 4
(c) 5*
(d) 6

16. Tayo’s cousin, Tunde is the Pastor of
(a) a great Catholic Cathedral in London
(b) a Nigerian protestant church in London
(c) fastest growing Nigerian Church in London*
(d) a Baptist Regional Church in London

17. Kwame had been teaching in the ______ before Tayo’s arrival
(a) California University
(b) Oxford University
(c) London University
(d) San Francisco University*

18. For how many years has Kwame been teaching in the University before Tayo’s arrival.
(a) Six
(b) Seven*
(c) Eight
(d) Nine

19. The name of the driver accompanying Tayo to the Airport when he had an accident is
(a) Audu
(b) Ahmed
(c) Abdou*
(d) Alfeez

20. Mrs. Elizabeth seemingly had an affair with a slave while in Nigeria named?
(a) Daudu
(b) Danladi
(c) Danjuma*
(d) Dende

21. Pick-up-your-stick-and-sandals marriage was a phrase popularly used by the ______ according to Vanessa
(a) Igbo
(b) Yoruba
(c) Hausa*
(d) Europeans

22. Salamatou is the biological mother of Suleiman, but she died of
(a) Cancer
(b) Car accident*
(c) Brief Illness
(d) Heart attack

23. Vanessa married to Professor Barker on
(a) July 14th 1975
(b) July 15th 1976*
(c) July 16th 1977
(d) July 17th 1978

24. Suleiman was ______ years old when he dropped out of the university
(a) 17
(b) 18*
(c) 19
(d) 20

25. Vanessa Richardson is an Africa Journalist who writes column for
(a) Washington Post
(b) New York Times
(c) The Guardian*
(d) Daily Times

26. Akin, the carver, had a great uncle, who was a servant to ______ during colonial periods
(a) Colonial officer Jonathan
(b) Mr Nancy Murdoch
(c) Sir Hugh Trevor
(d) Lord Lugard*

27. Tayo lied to Vanessa that Christine was his
(a) Sister
(b) Friend
(c) Cousin*
(d) Enemy

28. Kemi (Tayo’s daughter) has a boyfriend named ______, who works as a _____
(a) Charlie, photographer
(b) Laurent, chef*
(c) Richard, chef
(d) Metuh, photographer.



29. Tayo’s mother died on her way to____?

30. where does Ike work?
(a)In a bar
(b)in the ministry of education*
(c)as a British council
(d)as a business man

31. Which word does Akin’s uncle have a penchant for?
(a)Come nearer
(b)you follow*
(d)left out

32. who told Tayo his mother was dead?
(a)His friend

33. what game did Akin’s uncle start with his friends?

34. what is the name of Akin’s uncle boss?
(a)John Lee
(c)Lord lugard*

35. whom did Tayo think of whenever he was with Helene?
(d)his mother

36. what was written on Kemi’s snoopy night dress?
(a)Love is the whole world*
(b)Rock my style
(c)Love my style love me
(d)kiss my ass

37. where did ajayis always fly to for the summer holidays?
(b)Hong Kong

38. in what year did uncle kayode get married to Helene?

39. how old was Miriam’s pregnancy as at the time they visited the yelwa club?
(b)3 months

40. who called out on greetings as Tayo and his family entered the lounge in yelwa club?

41. what was the name of Tayo’s daughter?

42. who phoned Tayo last week to congratulate him on his manuscript?
(a)His friends
(b)his friends
(c)his colleagues
(d)his publisher’s*

43. what was the name of salamatou’s son?

44. when was tayo’s family house normally quiet?
(a)Monday morning
(b)Friday morning
(c)Sunday morning*
(d)Saturday evening

45. what did Tayo and Vanessa order when they got to the restaurant in Lagos?
(a)Rice and beans
(b)Rice and stew
(c)Rice and plantains*

46. what was the name of Tayo’s neighborhood drunk in his home town in ibadan?

47. who was the most successful trader along the west African coast?.
(a)Tayo’s Auntie
(b)Tayo’s mother*
(c)Tayo’s sister
(d)Tayo’s mother in Law

48. what was the name of Oxford finest hotel?
(a)Royal Hotel
(b)The Randolph Hotel
(c)Super motion hotel*
(d)... read more
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