5 most Embarrassing Moments During Sex... No 5 Is the Worst

We all have that awkward moment when it comes tose-xual activities. While some people’s embarrassing moments could go as being light and not severe, others go through worse humiliation that could leave then scarred and rob them of their pride.

Embarrassing moments come off as events that leave one ashamed and self-conscious. After a long period of time, they become moments that fill one with laughter when shared. However, it may not be entirely funny or humorous to the person who experienced it.
When it comes toS3@.x:’-ual escapades, the following could come off as embarrassing moments
Inability To Get It Up
It’s an embarrassing situation for a man to get a lady in the room and on the bed and be unable to get it up at the last moment. Most men who have experienced this kind of situation before try desperately to cover up and go ahead with the act. Anxiety could be a reason for this; the men could be so excited about the moment that they end up messing it up. This forms a lasting impression on the women especially if it was a fling. In some situations, the men could go limp suddenly and lose their hardness especially when the women have been turned on. It rubs on the man’s reputation at the long run.
Premature Ejaculation
Another weird moment a man would consider embarrassing is that moment he comes or releases quickly. The ladies after being engaged in fore-play which may or not involve oralse-x may just be getting in the mood. Most times they haven’t even gotten the rhythm of these-xual activity. In cases like this, not only does the man feel embarrassed, the ladies are left grunting and unsatisfied. Nothing rubs on a man’s ego than the knowledge of him being unable to make a woman go nut with wild sensations in bed. There is nothing more awkward than lying in bed next to a guy who finished quicker than he (or you) expected especially when you’ve been waiting all day/week for an epic love making.

Short Pen.!s Or Gir-th Length
This could be a fun killer especially when a woman expects the man’s hardness and length to choke her and then she discovers it cannot even tickle her. Not only is the shock registered on the woman’s face, the man gets the message and feels humiliated. Men with short Pen.!s try to make up for this weakness with an idea of intensifying their capacities during foreplay which does not actually translate into a changed story.

Sleeping During Sex
Alcohol has the ability to make people do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. Some people have the ability to get drunk, haves-ex, and be totally in control. Not only do they drink even while at it, they also have the ability to take a sobriety test and pass with good grades. Not everyone has a high tolerance for consuming alcohol. It would be embarrassing when men fall asleep durings-ex, the unsuspecting ladies may not know on time until they feel their manliness go limp in them. Not only do they feel angry, they also feel they aren’t attractive enough for the men. It’s an embarrassing situation for both parties.

Farting DuringS-e-x
would definitely piss anyone off to have their partner fart during orals-e-x or durings-e-x itself. Some people could be nasty and naughty. Having a partner do that durings-e-x isn’t just embarrassing, it has the ability to kill the mood; especially when it comes with a loud sound and accompanied by a horrible smell. It’s as bad as having a pubic hair stuck on one’s teeth after giving head.
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