4 Things We Learnt From Nicki Minaj and Wizkid Link up (Photos)

The whole social media was sent into frenzy last night after a picture of Wizkid and Nicki Minaj emerged

While some thought it was one of those “Adekunle Gold’s” photoshop magic, others went the extra mile of going to Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Wall to confirm the picture.
However, it was no surprise to many last night as Nicki Minaj has been “stalking” Wizkid for a few weeks. First, she started by liking his picture, then she took a step further by commenting on his posts and who knows maybe something might have gone down in the DM.

However here are Five things we learnt from the Wizkid-Nicki Minaj’s picture

1. Nicki Minaj Came Closer
Well, since Drake refused to by not appearing in the Video two times, label mate, Nicki Minaj filled in the gap by coming closer.

2. Increase in Revenue
This picture would definitely boost Wizkid’s popularity particularly in the US which is his targeted market. And after appearing in Future’s snaps last month, this would definitely boost album sales and bring in more revenue for the Starboy.
This is due to the massive popularity of Nicki Minaj and not forgetting, she is the queen of rap!

3. A Possible Collaboration
While a few notable Blogs have described the picture as a chance meeting between Nicki and Wiz, some have said it occurred in the studio.
While we are not yet clear on that, this could lead to a possible collaboration in the next few weeks.
A chance meeting between Chris Brown and Wizkid in 2012 led to the massive hit “African Bad Gyal” and also an acknowledgement from TY DdollarSign on Twitter led to two collaborations between Ty and Wiz. And who knows maybe Nicki Minaj is willing to score another One Dance Feat — Billboard No 1.

4. More Fans and Followers
There’s will surely be an upsurge in the amount of Wizkid’s followers yesterday and a lot of people in the US will be willing to give Wizkid a chance by listening to his music and also purchasing his album.

There will be a large turnout at his shows and concerts and just like when Instagram verified him after Drake put up his picture on his wall, more global attention will be on Wizkid now.
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