6 Useful Ways to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common condition where activities such as eating, drinking, brushing and flossing cause sharp, temporary pain in the teeth. You can tell you have the condition if cold or hot foods/drinks, sweet or sour foods or even cold air makes your teeth hurt.

What is the cause of tooth sensitivity?

It happens when tooth enamel has become worn or tooth roots are exposed. Sometimes, it may be as a result of cavity, cracked tooth or teeth bleaching. Other causes include: brushing aggressively, using abrasive toothpaste and overconsumption of citrus fruits

What can be done to prevent tooth sensitivity?

To protect yourself from this painful condition, it is important that you:

Brush your teeth twice daily and floss regularlyDon’t brush too hard. Brushing aggressively does not make your teeth any cleaner but it can in fact make your teeth hurt and cause other problemsUse a soft-bristled brushAvoid sugary foods and limit your intake of acidic foods and beveragesAvoid bleaching your teethAvoid brushing your teeth immediately after eating or drinking acidic substances

What should you do about tooth sensitivity?

Since there a number of reasons that could be responsible for tooth sensitivity, some of which can be serious, it is necessary that you see your dentist. Once the cause has been identified, your dentist would recommend certain measures to help relieve your pain. 

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