Introducing JNS Entertainment - A Record Label Set To Redefine The Industry And Breed The Next Best Artistes

To be honest, the Nigerian music industry is well loaded with a whole lots of talent, which varies from the producer, the artistes themselves, record labels and many other great personalities involved in making a good music a successful one.

Just like musicians, there are lots of great talents that is yet to be revealed due to some hindrances against the forces that could propel the talent for the world to see.

In as much as being unknown yet in the industry is not laziness, it's widely believed that everyone has their own lucky time. A typical example of such is the likes of Modenine, Sasha P, Tony Tetulla who rocked the music face at some point in time but now flooded with the likes of Wizkid, Davido nd co.

The bitter truth is, another set of stars will emerge sooner or later and so thus the current music labels which are currently moving fine in the industry, there has been many great labels in embryo which they are very busy putting on the best to get known in the music scene of the nation.


JNS Entertainment, a vibrant entertainment company/label, a registered company that is on the mission to overtake the existing labels, which by their below features, one should be convinced that the label and the artistes therein are ready to move the industry into the next level of recognition.

The company whose real identity goes by 'Jonzing Niggas Entertainment' founded in July 2016 with 3 performing and recording artists and headed by Mac Suchi but currently with 2 artists namely Dj Realbellz and Decker.

JNS Entertainment has traveled beyond expectation and imagination, moving with a rapid strength & speed across the nation with a foundation of good music, quality artistic management, branding, event planning, talent scout and incredible entertainment services. It is a new era entertainment company that has come to take its place without stealing others shine.

The great artistes under this label who are already making waves are mixtures of talents ranging from perfect tunes to grade A lyrical settings that could make them one of the best we have around in no time. See below:

1. Decker Smorioz

Olawuni Ayodeji Omotola, who was born on 15th of July in Ile IfeOsun State and a graduate of Physics with electronics is very versatile and has a swift way of blending his vocal sense along with the listeners' attention. He is a member and co-founder of JNS entertainment. He is best known for his hit tracks: Mio ko Won Je which was released in 2016 and produced by Beerex and many other blessed works of him includes:

On A Coded Level,We Hot,Dance For Me, Bad Code, The Direction , Gentleman Prod by Vybz 2015
Da Mi Loun, Hold Something Ft M.O.B.B Prod by Beerex 2016, Oh Baby, and F*ck Physics.

Decker Smorioz can be contacted via InstagramFacebook and Twitter

3. Mac Suchi

Mr Popoola Saheed Adeola is one of the master brains at JNS, he is the founder of JNS and he currently manages the aforementioned artiste in the record label.

He is a man with great vision for his artistes which gives us hope with this kind of personality, the music industry in Nigeria is still talented and filled with great minds.

You can contact him on  FacebookTwitter and Instagram

JNS entertainment is filled with great minds and we are confident of the success of this label in a very short time to come.

Contact JNS entertainment via:
InstagramTwitter and Facebook

Introducing JNS Entertainment - A Record Label Set To Redefine The Industry And Breed The Next Best Artistes Introducing JNS Entertainment - A Record Label Set To Redefine The Industry And Breed The Next Best Artistes Reviewed by Olamide Abimbola on 8/10/2017 09:24:00 am Rating: 5

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